If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Taking the PADI Freediver program is your step towards discovering the underwater world in a whole new way. Beginning with the PADI Free diver certification, you will gain the training and discipline needed to stay safe during breath hold dives. Afterwards, you can continue your education and progress to new depths with the PADI Advanced Freediver, Master Freediver and Instructor level courses.

What will you learn as a PADI Master Freediver?

The PADI Master Freediver course consists of three main phases:

• Knowledge development about nutrition, relaxation and advanced breathing techniques. You’ll study independently using the PADI Freediver TouchTM (your instructor may conduct class sessions.) You’ll also complete independent research as part of the Master Freediver Assignment.

• Confined water session to improve static and dynamic apnea attempts, including no fins dynamic apnea. Goal – static apnea of 3 minutes, 30 seconds and dynamic apnea of 70 metres/230 feet.

• Open water sessions to practice mouthful equalization and perform warm-up and workup dives for free immersion and constant weight freediving. Goal – constant weight free dive of 27 metres/90 feet.

Age Requirements

• PADI Master Freediver – 18 years old or older

How can you start learning now?

Contact your local PADI Freediver Center or PADI Freediver Instructor and get the PADI Freediver TouchTM. The Touch is an interactive study tool that gives you the background information you need to free dive safely and allows you to study at your own pace. When you purchase the PADI Freediver TouchTM, it comes equipped with PADI Freediver, Advanced Freediver, and Master Freediver course materials.

Already a certified freediver with another agency?

Continuing your education is easy with PADI. Contact your local PADI Freediver Center or PADI Freediver Instructor to get started on your next level of Freediver training.